Off with their heads!

How 2011 hasn’t been a good a year for the bad guys

This year the baOsama Bin Laden 'Got Him!' Time magazine coverd guys seemed to have dropped like flies, starting with one of the most dramatic special forces assault since the SAS stormed the Iranian embassy in 1980. An elite team of US Navy seals known as ‘Team 6′ stormed a fortified compound deep within Pakistan on May 2, right under the nose of the Pakistani military and within 30 minutes had the world’s most wanted man facing the wrong end of a US rifle.

I managed to catch the More Four documentary ‘Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill’ the other night and it had me on the edge of my seat. With sweaty palms, it had me fixated as the details of the night raid were recounted by those who had taken part. It was also fascinating to get an insight into the build up of the operation, including exclusive interviews with President Obama detailing what he was thinking and feeling in the days and weeks leading up to this dramatic showdown. Awesome stuff! For those that haven’t already watched it, if you’re interested I’m sure you can probably watch it on catch up.

gaddafi dead body photoNext to bite the dust was ‘mad dog’ Gadaffi. After a brutal civil war and a punishing aerial assault by the US and UK he was eventually cornered like a rat and dragged through the streets by his own people. One thing that is always shocking in these events is to witness the extent these tyrants fall, from the images of Saddam Hussein hiding in his hole, to the brutal scenes depicted in the photo opposite. Only month’s previous to their downfall they would have been living the life of Riley in the height of luxury, feeling invisible with a cast iron grip on the people that will later rise against them. It reminds me of the quote by Winston Churchill: “Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry.” When we look across other parts of the middle East you can see they are getting very hungry indeed.

Kim Jong-il on display most certainly deadThis takes us on to most recent megalomaniac to pop his clogs, Kim Jong Il. Unfortunately he did it in the comfort of his own home, or train or wherever he is believed to have died. However, as his death was far more dignified than he deserved My Big Fat Blog has decided to counter that with the top ten Kim Jong Il jokes that have been tweeted over the past couple of weeks. So here goes:

10. “America has had to deal with eccentric dictators in the past: Idi Amin, Muammar Qaddafi, Ming the Merciless… but now the security of the world is threatened by Kim Jong-il, a nerdy, pompadoured, platform shoe-wearer who looks like something you’d put on the end of your child’s pencil.” (Jon Stewart)

9. “Kim Jong Il’s family has requested that in lieu of flowers, mourners please just be quiet and remember their place.” (@joshgreenman)

8. “The [Bush] administration says that taking military action against North Korea all depends on whether or not their plutonium has any oil.” (Craig Kilborn)

7. “I know crazy dudes who wear women’s sunglasses always die in threes, but did we start counting with Gaddafi or Al Davis?” (@badbanana)

6. (Looking at a photo of Kim Jong Il):  ”That is one angry lesbian.” (Craig Ferguson)

5. “Rahm Emanuel honorarily renames Chicago to Kim Jong, IL” (@RobertCurran)

4. “The Globe reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il raises money by selling fake Viagra pills. What it is about this guy? None of his missiles seem to launch.” (Jay Leno)

3. “I’m confused: CNN says Kim Jong-Il is dead, but N. Korean press says he’s currently fighting a 100-ft. tall U.S. super-robot.” (@mrtimlong)

2.. “Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il is, quote, ‘a pervert.’ When Kim Jong Il heard that, he said tell her to say it again slowly while licking her lips.” (Conan O’Brien)

1. “Kim Jong Il is dead but we still have to take care of Kourtney Jong Il and Khloe Jong Il before we can rejoice.” (@ThePresObama)

According to the old proverb “Whenever a cruel dictator dies, an angel gets its wings.” So all in all 2011 has been a great year for the man in white, managing to keep heaven’s wing manufacturers going even during the recession. With the potential for 2012 to be a bumper year again, the tigers have been flossing their teeth ready for their second course of evil men, with the likes of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad who is increasingly looking at a Gadaffi type exit, Egypt’s Mubarak who’s currently on trial and the Khmer Rouge trio who will surely get the chop at some point or other. The only question is who will go first,so in the words of the TV program Banzai, place bets now!