Welly wanging in Tiddington

Welly Wanging Tiddington village feteOver the weekend I visited some family in Oxfordshire in a small country village called Tiddington. Although I’ve been to Oxford on a number of occasions, I’ve never really been out into the surrounding countryside and experienced the traditional village life. Only 10 mins outside of the bedlam that is Oxford during the summer, this quaint little village seemed an eternity away. Full of little cottages, open fields and the obligatory village cricket club this was the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of going to the local fete and got stuck in to some of the games that were going on. First up was a game called Aunt Sally, where you were given a bunch of thick sticks, 6 I think, and you had to chuck them at this small, white, head shaped object on a stand. Although I didn’t actually manage to knock it off myself, the objective was to throw these sticks and knock the head off without hitting the stand. Easier said then done though, I had people running for cover and climbing fences into woods trying to retrieve one of mine. I moved on quickly after that…on to skittles. I managed to get 6 down on my first go so was pretty chuffed and drew for the men’s title of skittle champion, which meant that I had to take part in a play off later in the day. Unfortunately, I suffered a similar collapse in form as Rory McIlroy in the Masters, letting the pressure get to me, and only knocking down one skittle. What can I say it’s tough dealing with that sort of pressure when you’re at the top of your game.

We also took part in the welly wanging competition, which involves trying to throw a Wellington boot as far as you can. There was even an egg throwing competition as well. The egg throwing involves throwing an egg to your partner, and each time you make the catch moving further apart. If your egg breaks you’re out of the competition and this carries on till there’s only one couple left. Once again, victory was stolen from within our grasps when we had to swap our match winning egg with the couple next to us, this then broke in my partners hands after only our third throw and we were out. We also gave the putting and darts a shot but alas lady luck was against us that day and we had to settle for an ice-cold beer in the sunshine instead.

We had a fantastic time over the weekend so if you fancy trying out your hand at a bit of welly wanging then go and visit your local village fete. It seems to be fete season everywhere at the moment so with a bit of luck, I’m sure you’ll find one to keep you entertained on a sunny summers afternoon.