Keto Flu.
  So as I’ve mentioned before, the low carb diet that I am on is regarded as the keto diet. I don’t subscribe to any particular diet book or system, by keto I simply mean that I’m in ketosis; my body runs from burning fat rather than sugars. There are two fuels […]

Keto Flu – I Feel Like Crap, Result!!

Excercise Doesn't Make You Lose Weight, What?
It’s the big question isn’t it: What’s most important for losing weight, exercise or diet? Well from what I have personally experienced, exercise in terms of cardio exercise, in terms of weight loss, is at best only a very slight help, and at worse completely useless. I know, this sounds […]

Excercise Doesn’t Make You Lose Weight?

What’s prompted me to write this post, is that I am fast approaching 40, and since losing weight I keep being asked for identification when buying wine! This never happened in the past, in fact I’ve been able to get served for alcohol since being way under the legal limit! […]

Losing Weight Means Losing Years?

If you’ve read my previous posts about how I lost shed loads of fat, you’ll know that I did it once, then put it all back on and a bit more, and then lost it all again and even more. What you’ll notice is that the first time I lost […]

My Fat Loss Secret Weapons

  The reason I decided to call this blog How(to) lose belly fat, is because belly fat is what prompted me to completely change my diet and lifestyle. When I was at the park with my kids that day, and the fitness guy who was offering the free body fat testing […]

Why is Belly Fat So Bad?

  It’s a natural assumption that fruit sugar is better for us because it comes from fruit, but is it really? Recent studies appear to show that not only is it not better for us, it could be far worse, especially when it comes to belly fat! It’s about the […]

Does Fruit Sugar Cause Belly Fat??

sugar written in sugar
  The image above suggests that sugar is evil. In reality, sugar is great! Without it we wouldn’t have beer, wine, cider, cakes, sweets / candy … and all the other great things that most of us enjoy, and as long as we enjoy these things in moderation, what’s the […]

Sugar – What You Need To Know.

  I wanted to write this review as the legendary fat loss ebook Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto, made such a difference to me! If it wasn’t for this ebook, I might never have lost the fat in the first place. Yes I know, if you’ve […]

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

In this post I want to give you a brief nutshell version of my experiences over the past few years, basically what I did to get where I am now. In later posts I’ll get a lot more detailed on what I did and what the results were. You  have […]

How I Beat The Belly – In a Nutshell

My Big Fat Before and After Photos.
Hello, and welcome to MY BIG FAT BLOG! In a nutshell, this blog is about fat; it is about how I was fat, how I lost fat, put it all back on again along with a load more, and then finally lost it all again, and how I’m keeping it […]

Intro to My Big Fat Blog